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  Case Studies & Testimonials
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Case 1 Before Case 1 After Aesthetic White Filling
This young lady patient had a natural opaque defect on the lower one –third front surface of her upper central incisors. The appearance was restored using aesthetic white filling material by minimal invasive adhesive technique.

Case 2 Before Case 2 After

Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Metal Free Crowns
This patient was dissatisfied with the colour of his teeth especially one of his front central incisors is darker up to the gum margin. After a course of whitening treatment, his two front crowns were replaced with more natural looking metal free crowns to compliment his whitened natural teeth.

Case 3 Before Case 3 After

Bridge Work
This patient's confidence was very low and was quite ambaressed to have his front teeth missing. Castle Street Dentists used the Bridge work technique to restore the two missing front teeth and boosted their confidence.

Case 4 Before Case 4 After

Fibre Reinforced Composite
An elderly lady who is suffering from advanced periodontitis (gum disease) with gross tartar covering her already drifted lower front teeth.

She preferred not to wear lower denture at this stage. After a few visits of intensive scaling and air polishing, her loose front teeth were stabilized using fibre reinforced composite splint by adhesive technique.


Patient Testimonials

Pauline Cohen,

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the dental work you have done. You have helped restored my confidence and self-esteem with heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you


Jacqueline Bell,

Thank you so much for all the treatments you have given me. You are the best dentist I have been treated by.

All the best


Ian Watson,

I was extremely pleased with the service, quality of the service and the whole experience of the dental treatment I received.

It was very pain free and a gentle experience, and I have every intention of recommending this dentist to anyone that will listen.

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